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BeBeez is on online newswire registred with the Milan Court focusing on private capital and alternative assets issues in Italy, such as private equity, venture capital, private debt, equity crowdfunding, infrastructures and real estate. BeBeez provides news and information about business development of the funds’ portfolio companies as well as news and analysis about  SMEs and startup companies in Italy.

BeBeez name was created thanks to Nomen Italia. It means “Be industrious”  and comes from the fact that bees are small, active and dynamic animals, which take their strenght from being and working together as a community. This might be the same for small and medium enterprises members of the BeBeez community of readers which may help their business (biz) to grow thanks to exchange of information and ideas.

BeBeez is an idea by Stefania Peveraro (senior editor of MF Milano Finanza for 17 years till July 2017) and was born in March 2013 thanks to support from the Italian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital (AIFI) and MF Milano Finanza.

Starting March 1st 2016 BeBeez is published by EdiBeez srl.

Here is who we are:

Stefania Peveraro
Editor in chief at BeBeez and chairman of EdiBeez srl

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Giuseppe Michelucci – Art&Finance editor, responsible for Private Equity Breakfast, Real Estate breakfast, BeBeez Magazine and Books columns – giuseppe.michelucci@edibeez.it

Salvatore Bruno – responsible for Italy’s  angels&incubators and venture capital weekly roundup, Italy’s NPLs and private debt weekly roundup and Italy’s private equity weekly roundup in he English section of BeBeezsalvatore.bruno@edibeez.it

Giuliano CastagnetoBeBeez Private Data  database manager – giuliano.castagneto@edibeez.it